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Voor zowel particulieren als voor bedrijven kunnen wij u de juiste Groentechniek machine leveren. Tevens kunnen wij het onderhoud en eventuele reparatie van uw machine, in onze werkplaats of met behulp van de servicebus op locatie, verzorgen.

Manitou Spareparts

Almat Laren is your supplier for Manitou machines, parts and services.

You can contact us for spareparts, technical advice and hiring of a Manitou.The original parts of Manitou are competitively priced and you can also share an interesting discount on our purchases.

Advantages Almat Laren:
• We are a official dealer importer of Manitou.
• We have online access to the factory, so if you order today, you can have to parts tomorrow. (You have to order the parts before 4 PM)
• Our employees have the knowledge of all of the Manitou products.
• We are offering the (original) spareparts to competitive prices.
• We have all the documentation of the machines available.

So if you have a Manitou in maintenance, please contact our warehouse and be informed about the opportunities and discounts.
Tel. +31 (0)573 - 44 80 84
or you can also send us an email: magazijn@almatlaren.nl.

If you have technical questions, you can call our mechanics
Tel. +31 (0)573-448086
or you can also send us an emaail: werkplaats@almatlaren.nl


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Almat - NORCAR dealerschap

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Recente afleveringen bij onder andere Musch Grondwerken

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